Art Photographs
Below a small selection of my colour photographs are displayed

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2002


First of July my daughter moved to nice house situated 500 meters from the beach at Amager near
Copenhagen.On 8. August 2002 we went for a lovely walk to Helgoland - the public bath made in wood in the beginning
of 1900. It was just at the time of sun set, so I was able to catch the construction in this beautiful light.
This picture was taken at 20:33:29


Sunlight patterns at the entrance of a flat in Brøndby near Copenhagen, 8. September 2002


A flower behind a curtain at our summer recidence, 18 May 2002

At my parants in law in Gylsboda, Sweden, 29. June 2002



Slaughter, Lejre, Winther 1973 (Manipulated B / W photo)



Helgoland, Amager near Copenhagen, 8. August 2002, 20:33:04



Helgoland, Amager near Copenhagen, 8. August 2002, 20:34:55


Many, many more to follow!!!



Photos by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 2002