Press Photos

Samples from my time as a press photographer

In 1974 I worked as a free-lance press photographer. It was a very interesting job, through which I met a lot of celebrities, actors, politicians, musicians as well as people around the country, whom I had never met, if it hadn't been for the job.
I worked for most of the Danish newspapers and magazines such as Ekstrabladet, Børsen, Alt for Damerne, Dansk Familie Blad (closed weekly family magazine), Express (a magazine for men) and many trade papers.
Unfortunately my job s a press photographer coincided with the hectic time following my daughter's birth, so little by little I reached a peak of stress, which forced me to choose between being an attentive father or a successful photographer. I choose my role as a father - a choice I have never regretted.
I havn't collected much of my press photographs. They were taken to be quickly processed and delivered to the editorial of the paper or magazine, - then forgotten by me, as I had to rush to the next job. So only a few samples from my production can be viewed below:


Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974


Jazz concert at Blågårds Plads, Copenhagen, summer 1974
Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974


Ulf Pilgraard acting as Queen Magrethe II in front of the Tivoli Pavilon, Tivoli
Gardens, Copenhagen, 9. May 1974. Published in Ekstrabladet, 11. May 1974.
Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974


Old man making a proposal to Enka, Kirkeby, Fuen, 23. April 1994. Published in
Dansk Familie Blad, no. 27, 4. July 1974. Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974


Demonstration at Christiansborg Slotsplads, 16. May 1974. Published first time
in Børsen, 20. May 1974 (and many times after that).
Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974


Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen, headmaster of Danish Design School (where I'm educated
in 1968-1973), 12. June 1974. Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974


I got a request to find an old couple still being in love after many years of marriage
to illustrate an article in Kærlighedskarrusellen in Ekstrabladet. So I spent some
hours in Tivoli Gardens to seek for my models. I met this lovable couple, Mr. and Mrs.
Bøgebjerre and took a series of the two of them. Later on I visited them in their
private home at Amager. This and other shots from the Tivoli session from 13. June
1974, were printed in Ekstrabladet the first time 18. June 1974 and many times
after in the following years. Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974

Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 1974