Pictures from the past

Different photographers






Doing the V-sign at the day of my
Christening, 30. July 1950



Eric, 1950



Aiming for my father's camera,
Stockholm, Sweden, July 1953



From a school group photo, August 1958



Always carrying that camera, Dragør,19. May 1962



My first love, Lisbeth, in my room
6. February 1968



Mountain climbing in Norway, July 1969



Me dressed up as Beethoven.
6. January 1971



My beloved wife, Lisa,
in the early 1970's



Our daughter, Nana, a few hours old.
Nowadays Nana is the one, who has tought
me to make this website!
This photo is taken 17. February 1974



Me in the hippie days, 1972




Me in the hippie days, 1972



The post hippie days, carrying my Che Gueavara cap,
Kulhuse, Northern Sealand, 1976