Tim Christensen
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
30. May 2003

Already with Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Tim Christensen proved to be one of the greatest talents at the Danish music scene. Generally I'm not into too "heavy" guitar music, but the music that Tim creates both with Dizzy and in his solo projects is so variated and filled with so many genious details that the level is miles beyond ordinary heavy guitar rock. Furthermore his albums are a perfect mix of guitar rock and ballads, that he reaches a large number of listeners, - even people not normally into guitar-based rock.
As could be seen in Tivoli that beautiful evening at the end of May, Tim Christensen has an immense crowd of devoted fans - some of them already being present up front at the Plænen from the afternoon, to be sure to get a good place for the concert at 10 P.M.
Unfortunately I was only allowed to take photographs during the first three songs, due to a misunderstanding from one of the people in the staff, even though I had a written permission from Tim himself to take photographs, and Tim wrote me the day after to apologize. But anyway I managed to take a few photos, which can be viewed below. I watched the rest of the performance from the stage side, and a lot of brilliant photographs might have been taken later at the concert, as the intensitivity increased.
Tim Christensen gave songs from both his solo album, Secrets On Parade, and some of the new songs from the second, still unnamed solo album, scheduled for a Autumn 2003 release.
What a brilliant experience it was ...


The set list
(Thanks to Tim C. for sending me the set list)

01. Tonight I'm Fine
02. Fireglow
03. Jump the Gun
04. Close the Door
05. Don't Leave Me But Leave Me Alone
06. Isolation Here I Come
07. Love Is A Matter Of...
08. Lost And Found
09. Prime Time
10. Watery Eyes / Let's Face It /
Get the Fuck Out Of My Mind
11. Caterpillar
- - - Encore: - - -
12. Right Next To the Right One
13. Time Is the Space Between Us


The band:

Tim Christensen: g. lead vo
Lars Skjærbæk: g. mellotron
Nicolai Munch-Hansen: b
Olaf Olsen: dm


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003


























I have met Tim Christensen a couple of times earlier this year:

Rust, Copenhagen, 18. January 2003

It was after Swan Lee's Secret Concert at Rust, I met Tim Christensen for the first time. The concert was a trial run of Swan Lee's live set before the band's performance at the Midem Festival the day after in Cannes, France. Tim was in the audience and took part in the after party (see the photos on this site: SWAN LEE: RUST 18. January 2003).
As Tim and Pernille Rosendahl used to be a loving couple in the early days of what later became Swan Lee, it was nice to see the two of them in close conversation after Pernille's stage performance with the band. Tim even played (keyboards) in Swan Lee, as can be seen in the documentary, Stjernekigger.



Tim Christensen in conversation with Pernille Rosendahl and at the bottom, right: together with Swan Lee Drummer, Emil Jørgensen



Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, 7. March 2003

Second time was after the double concert by Stripclub Junkies &
Kira and the Kindred Spirits in Pumpehuset. After the concert only two spotlights still hit the floor, - a green and a red spot and I asked Tim to stand under the lights. The following pics show the result:










Two of the most talented artists in Denmark today in conversation. Tim Christensen with Kira Skov from Kira and the Kindred Spirits. There was no light at all, so the camera was unable to focus!!!



Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003

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